Ranch Profile


Baggett Ranch

Location: 11.7 miles south of Ozona, Texas in Crockett County

Size of Property: Approximately 10,000 acres

History of Baggett Ranch

The Baggett Ranch has been owned and operated by the Baggett family for more than 112 years. For the past 17 years, the ranch has only been hunted by family members and friends of the family. Since Driftwood Outdoors began hunting the ranch commercially in 2008-2009, the Badgett Ranch will permit hunting under strict game management. The bucks on the ranch will average from 120-160 range.

Double B does several surveys throughout the year and we are currently maintaining a level 1 MLD Permit. Our buck/doe ratio is 1 buck/3.5 does. We use these counts along with biologist recommendations to control our harvest rates each year. This season we look to have a recommendation of 16 trophy bucks and 20 management bucks. We also expect to have a harvest recommendation of 80-90 does. These harvest recommendations are based on ranch management asking that we manage for trophy whitetails and not for maximum sustainable numbers.

The wildlife has taken a front seat along with the livestock on the Baggett Ranch and we have recently installed several miles of creeks into the USDA’s continuous conservation reserve program to protect and improve wildlife habitats i n certain areas. As we rotate our livestock, many pastures are left vacant for months at a time.


The Baggett Ranch is an ideal ranch for all hunters. The Johnson Creek Bottom is lush forest land breaking into stark beauty of thick brush and rolling rock hills. The ranch encompasses range land offering lengthy vistas and gorgeous terrain. The ranch is divided into 9 large pastures. We try to rotate the pastures in the hunting program to accommodate the wildlife and the cattle as well as to provide the least amount of hunting pressure on the wildlife. Our approach allows the ranch to sustain and preserve unsoiled beauty on the ranch land. We stalk, rattle and watch deer to decipher their movement patterns. We hunt from tree stands, natural blinds and ground blinds that are portable.

Game Profile

Deer hunting in the Ozona area of Texas is some of the finest in the nation. Double B offers free ranging whitetail deer hunting simple and time-honored methods. We take delight in stalking, rattling, and trailing deer to provide the opportunity fgor an authentic hunt.

Deer Management

The Baggett Ranch along with Double B Outfitters has been under strict management for 17 years with few animals harvested. We are in the process of selected brush sculpture throughout the ranch. These areas are ideal for over-seeding grasses and make for exciting hunts and observation areas for future hunters.

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting offers an adventurous and unique hunting experience. Due to their keen senses, turkey’s are wary and difficult to hunt. The spring hunt is a particularly rare treat. However, with skill and experience, turkey’s can be called in with mouth and hand calls. Hunters can witness the elaborate mating dances and strutting presentations of the gobblers. The lush Crockett County bottom with abundant water throughout the ranch, and hardwoods coupled with tremendous amounts of nesting cover throughout the upland range, contribute to maintaining a large turkey population.

Fair Chase Hunting

Fairchase hunting is a challenging and rewarding experience. By its very nature, as a sporting endeavor, not every hunter will have a chance to harvest a trophy animal. However, each hunter will have an experience that is unique to the Ozona area and worthy of many fine memories.